IMG_8248zucchini muffins 003-002banankage 020Apricots-003October and Brighton! 067

Hi, my name’s Marie 🙂

I’m a home-baking enthusiast with a serious sweet tooth.

I’m half Danish, half Belgian, grew up in Copenhagen (Denmark), but currently live in Brussels (Belgium).
I recently moved to a new apartment, and am still figuring out my new oven which runs kinda hot, resulting in sometimes slightly over-baked cakes at the moment. Ovens are temperamental. Mine sometimes makes me go ‘gaaaaaar!’  I’m now getting along much better with said oven!

I like recipes that aren’t fussy. And I think flavour is way, way more important than presentation – a fancy cake that tastes bland is the worst. The WORST! Hence, I have very mixed feelings about most cupcakes out there. I also think balance is important in a cake. You need something to cut through the sweetness, be it spices, a hint of salt, a sour note of tangy fruit, or seriously dark chocolate. Or a bit of bitter crunchiness from walnuts or some such. But I digress. This site is mainly baking recipes, but also sometimes things I’ve seen, done, or liked 🙂

IMG_8352-001IMG_6128apple and cinnamon oatmeal pancakes 026banankage 003-003

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what I like besides baking and (eating) cakes: croissants, sleeping in in the morning, reading, going to the movies, chocolate milkshakes, dinosaurs and dragons, buttered toast, dogs and cats (but dogs a little bit better), fairy lights, ginger ale, rocks with faces/pareidolia, country music, 80’s music, 90’s music, soul, Christmas, tattoos, reading cooking and baking blogs, and thunder storms. I also love board games, Tabasco, awesome lame jokes, and… lots more. Here’s an example of an awesome lame joke my sister told me:

– What do you call an alligator in a vest?

– An investigator.


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