Weekend Playlist 24.01.16


Sunday ♥️

This morning I practiced flipping pancakes, I’m getting quite good at it.

I ate some with brown sugar and some with regular sugar and lemon. And drank copious amounts of sweet tea.

Later my friend Maaike is coming over to help me eat the rest of the pancakes. Maaike is very spiritual, and reads a lot about numerology, astrology, energies and lights, and tells me about them. Whether you’re into all things less tangible, I think self-reflection is always a good thing. Understanding how and why you respond to the world and energies around you 🙂 She and I emit the same frequency, she says, and that’s why we get along so well.

Maaike likes to joke that she pursued me aggressively as a friend, playground-style. For some reason she decided that she and I should be friends, that she liked my aura! And so she told me, and that was that. I’m quite a, I don’t want to say repressed, but kind of introverted person, but I took to Maaike very easily, she’s the kind of person who just lets you be whatever and whoever you are. I’m also not a very touchy person, so she likes to ‘Fockerise’ me. I think it’s working. Anyways. My point, I seem to have lost it. I think the one I was trying to get at, convolutedly so, is that self-reflection is a great thing, but so is getting out of your own head. And for that, there’s music.

Here are a few of the songs that have soothed, comforted, energised me and made me dance around while making pancakes this weekend:

Patti Smith is great for making pancakes, or just in general.

And then, sometimes, lyrics will jump out at you and make you realise what you’re feeling, or have felt. Or just make you wonder 🙂 And Annie Lennox is a beautiful, bittersweet unicorn:

Some things are better left unsaid
But they still turn me inside out.

How beautiful is that?

P.s.: The photo is of sea ice frost flowers, from Nick Cobbing’s gorgeous instagram account.

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